Hi, my name is Jonnie.  I love cycling.  I ride pretty much every day, be that to work, nipping to the shops, out on “proper” rides, on and off road, singlespeed, with the family, friends, or just because.

Centuries.cc was set up because I wanted to be part of something that wasn’t a traditional club. I wanted it to be something wider, something with a larger embrace that focused on just enjoying riding your bike – no racing, nothing too serious, just somewhere for people who have a passion for being on their bike and love soaking up their surroundings on two wheels. If this is you, then Centuries.cc is your club.

This site is about where my riding takes me, both in literal terms and the intangible, can’t-put-your-finger-on-it, soul-quenching feeling that riding a bike brings.

I’ll share with you the places I’ve ridden, coffee stops, routes, photos, recommendations, musings, kit I like (such as the Centuries one!), tech stuff, and occasionally I may even impart thoughts on races.