All Praise The Sun King

At last.  After all these long, cold, wet, windy, snowy months of what seemed like never-ending gloom, the sun and warmth finally made a proper appearance yesterday and out poured the roadies of Sussex, like woodlice when an old, rotten log is picked up in the woods, only with nicer bikes and an inability to curl into a ball.The day was even better for me as I finally got the chance to ride my new summer whip, and boy did it deliver.  The Hunt Aero 50 clinchers rolled wonderfully smoothly, evening out the awful Sussex road surfaces and transforming them to a nicely laid asphalt; I could even hear the air split as I spliced through it, the loud freehub an added bonus.  The bike itself was incredibly light and responsive, I found that not much effort at all was required to immediately accelerate forward; that boast Specialized made about it being as aero as the first Venge seem well founded.  It’s lightness aided my climbing too, the front end being particularly light. At last, I thought, I might be able to put in a better time up Salvington Hill.

All in all, it was a great day out, the weather and new bike peaking together with amazing timing; however it wasn’t what I planned.  I had resolved to do a recon of the Vélo South route, but a seatpost that refused to stay put and a rubbish multi-tool (soon to be replaced) meant that I had to change my plans.  Still, there’s plenty of time to get that done before the big day in September and I still managed to do 100km and get some climbing in so all was not lost.

The forecast for the forthcoming week looks spectacular, and I think I may do my first imperial century of the year next weekend.  Don’t you just love it when spring is sprung.

Here are some snaps from the ride and a little video.

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