New Jerseys, not New Jersey

With summer merely moments away in the northern hemisphere, the latest selection of short sleeved jerseys are out all vying for our attention, and our cash.  This time of year can be a joyous time as we scour online stores in the hope of finding the perfect jersey for our sun-filled jaunts down lanes and vales.  It’s a process that should be taken seriously as you are what you wear, and looking good is at least 50% of being a roadie.  So who are the good independent brands to look out for?  Who are coming out with original designs in a range of nice palettes and patterns?

I was going to attempt a wordy piece on how the pantones and patterns created a design of this and that, and blah, blah, blah.  What a load of drivel that would have been.  Painful for both you and I.  Instead I’ve just collected some images of my favourite jerseys around the web at the moment. 

Shutt Vélo Rapide







Pas Normal Studios



BBUC (BrillBriliant/Unicorn)


Then of course, there’s the top dog of jerseys – the jersey, which you can get by clicking on Kit in the menu and following the instructions to go to the online ordering portal.

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